Dan Spop. The name is program. His musical style is in constant flux between the worlds of Dance and Pop, often skillfully combined with elements of other genres. Here he fishes from his wealth of experience of the last decades and draws his inspirations from everywhere.

Dan Spop is all about the fever in music, the passion, the joy, the sex, the exuberant freedom. Captivating melodies, excessive bass, driving beats and atmospheric soundscapes. An engaging density of sounds. Danceable, palpable, reliveable.

Dan Spop comes from Berlin, where he has been running his own studio for quite some time.

As a child his parents notice his creativity early on, especially his musicality. After guitar lessons and some years of vocal training in a well-known choir, he discovers electronic music on the one hand from the commercial charts, on the other hand from the underground of the Techno scene. Fascinated by the possibilities, he acquires his first computer including software as a teenager and produces several hours of music in the following years.

In the mid-2000s, Dan Spop releases his first productions in the Techno genre. His songs generate attention and are soon played by several DJs in clubs and at events around the globe. The label inquiries pile up. Besides techno, he already works on tracks and releases of various other music genres, too.

Over the past 20 years, he is gaining a lot of experience as a music creator. Today Dan can look back on several releases and DJ appearances. He also is a state-approved sound designer since 2019, composing for popular brands, collaborating with voices, some of which are well-known, and providing good sound on film sets.

He maintains good contacts with the famous Hansa Studios in Berlin and is currently working with up-and-coming artists on new music. At the moment he is very inspired by modern Slap House and similar chart sound.

„Without music, life would be a mistake.“ – Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche